Antonio Bortolotti

I have been lucky enough to travel the world for work and for pleasure for over 20 years and I’ve always been looking for the perfect place to call “home”. After visiting 5 continents and more than 50 countries, I found the perfect place to begin this adventure in Italy, my own country and precisely on one of the most spectacular islands of the entire Mediterranean, Sardinia.

I have been a regular visitor of this beautiful island for years, but it was not until 2007 that I was struck by lightning when together with my wife we saw the ruins of an old typical country house in a small Sardinian town not far from the sea and began thinking about owning our first home. It was love at first sight!

Where others saw craziness, we saw an incredible opportunity!

We believed what was officially going to become our first real home to be in reality our first holiday home!

I told my wife that if we could pay for 70% of the yearly mortgage fee with the revenue we generated from letting it as a holiday rental I would be happy, and we would have made a great investment.

We made 20% net profits on year 1 instead! That means we made 120% of our yearly mortgage fee and we’ve been growing ever since!

So much so that in year two we purchased our second unit, repeated the same success that allowed us to buy the third apartment on year three and own the entire property.

Sometimes people ask me: “How did you get started?” and look at me as some kind of alien…

We started with very little money, if no money at all, virtually no knowledge of renovation works, no experience in buying and restoring homes before but we had a great passion for interior design, a love for beautiful yet easy to do and functional things and a strong determination to succeed together with a very clear vision of where we wanted to be ten years from then.

Today we run a six figure business that brings in enough money to allow us to live the life we always wanted. I quit my former job at Alitalia to focus on the things I do best: managing our own holiday homes and a handful of other friends’ properties, while consulting other likeminded entrepreneurial spirits on how to achieve the same outstanding results we have with our own homes.

The experience gained in all these years of travels and in business, the knowledge acquired through ongoing study of market trends in the travel and vacation rental industry, together with the steady implementation of unique marketing strategies, successful secret tactics and simple yet powerful ideas led to the creation of the “Fully Booked Formula” training program. An online video course aimed to allow other likeminded owners to give their properties the chance to stand out from the crowd, attract an ever increasing flow of guests and therefore  turn their home into a money making machine.

If you want to know more about the “Fully Booked Formula” training program and get ready to enjoy this exciting and extremely rewarding journey, get on board with me and join the growing community of happy “FBF” Owners or simply leave a comment below and share this with your dearest friends!

I look forward to sharing success with you!

“When I was at HomeAway we wanted nothing more than for owners to be fully booked and for holidaymakers to enjoy the “wow factor” when staying in a holiday rental. Antonio is an excellent example of an owner who has achieved this and it is great that he is sharing his formula with other owners so that they can enjoy the same success.”
Andy Cockburn, Senior Regional Director at HomeAway

“I have gone through the first module of FBF and I must say it has been the best and most helpful learning experience I have done since I have been involved in the tourist market. Your explanations and suggestions are very clear and the files that you can download also help to adjust your experience with the different needs of every single property. It’s amazing how my way of thinking (and consequently behaving) has changed in such a short time.”
Benedetta Origo, Owner - La Foce Estate, Tuscany -

“I have been through the entire Module 1 now and wish to express here my gratitude and a big thank you for what I consider, as a holiday homeowner, an enlightening experience. I say this because you are not only giving tips and ideas on how to better improve an owner’s property booking rate, but because I felt all along that you always thrive to give a lot of yourself. Genuine, sincere and insightful with advanced pedagogic methodology, you allowed me to go through the module at my own pace and to build various templates as I was progressing. Congratulations Antonio!”
Elias Tueta - Owner, Rhakotis Villa, Greece -

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  1. Casa Teulada is paradise on earth!

    • Antonio

      Thanks, Sara! It’s always good to hear how past guests lived their “home away from home” :-)

  2. I got to know Antonio when I was the UK Director for HomeAway. He presented at our Owner Summits and ran a couple of workshops for our owners. He was always an absolute pleasure to work with. He is deeply passionate about holiday rentals and sharing his success with other owners. He has endless proven tactics that he uses himself that are great ways to make holidaymakers have an unforgettable experience. We only ever got very positive feedback from all the owners who attended his presentations and workshops.

    When I was at HomeAway we wanted nothing more than for owners to be fully booked and for holidaymakers to enjoy the “wow factor” when staying in a holiday rental. Antonio is an excellent example of an owner who has achieved this and it is great that he is sharing his formula with other owners so that they can enjoy the same success.

    • Antonio

      Thank you so much Andy! It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and I am glad I was able to share my experience with other likeminded home owners who wanted to achieve outstanding results. The commitment I put in providing my guests with a 5 star service and a memorable experience when they stay at one of our properties is only second to the passion I put in sharing all those tactics, tips and strategies that made our homes so successful with home owners who can benefit from these same results. And the “Fully Booked Formula” was born following the incredible feedback you mentioned, which I received both at the live events I took part in and on the one-to-one consultations I gave. I am confident that whoever chooses to become an FBF Owner will view it as one of the best investments they’ve ever made over time.

  3. Neil Davidson

    I’ve known Antonio for almost 20 years. He is one of the friendliest, most capable, trustworthy and professional people I have ever met. He combines a passion for helping other people get the best out of their holiday homes with a real creative flair and an impressive attention to detail.

  4. Alessandro

    I had the pleasure to spend a Valentine’s weekend with my partner at Casa Teulada, one of the properties managed by Antonio. The quality of the service and the product were impeccable and the professionalism demonstrated was at the highest levels. Although Antonio wasn’t physically there we could count on his collaborators and helpers for any need.
    The booking, the payment and everything related to the planning of our mini-vacation couldn’t be any smoother.
    Well done!

  5. Ewa Wikströ,

    We spent holidays with a family of 17 at Casa Teulada.
    It is a great place for all kind of holidays! Beautiful colours, amazing interior and exterior, super sweet village!

  6. Agneta Wikström

    I can assure that Casa Teulada is paradise on earth! I cannot think about a better place to be on your vacation

    • Antonio

      Thank You so much Agneta! Your words are very rewarding.

  7. We are interested in participating at the speaker / sponsor level. Can you send me more info?

    Thank you,
    Amy Ochoa
    Marketing Manager